Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes

FSW™ Fusion Splice Wipe
Versatile wipe in a convenient hand-sized tub
■ Supplied dry for safe travel and easy transportation
■ Wipes can be used dry and wetted individually, or the tub and perforated roll of wipes can be saturated on-site with the preferred cleaning solvent
■ Wipes are non-scratching, non-linting, soft and absorbent
■ Wipes feature aperture pockets to collect gritty, scratch-inducing particles
■ Clean perforations do not generate long, loose strings and fibrous tails when torn from the tub opening
■ Compact size ideal for tool kits, cleaning kits, congested work benches and tight work spaces


■ Fusion splice clean-up
■ General precision equipment and workspace clean-up
■ Final wiping cable


FSP100DRY 100 wipes per mini-tub
3" x 3" / 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm


Electro-Wash® MX Presaturated Wipe
Extra-strength plastic safe universal cleaner with moderate evaporation time
■ Cleans all soil types, removes organic and ionic soils
■ Moderate evaporation rate increases cleaning power
■ Leaves no residue
■ Presaturated wipe great for toolbox or travel


■ Ideal for cleaning fiber optics and fiber optic connectors, cables, hard-line coax cable, cable splices, PC boards, motors, tools and transformers, flooding compounds, control systems, screens and stencils


CP421 25 single pack presaturated wipes
Also available in a pen and aerosol — FW2150 and ES1621


Optic Prep™ Presaturated Wipe
Highest quality premoistened lens-grade tissue for cleaning optical surfaces
■ Compatible with most plastics, glass and metals
■ Mild cleaning solution, nonabrasive wipe
■ Quickly removes dust, oils and contaminants


■ Safely cleans and polishes optical surfaces, lenses, photographic equipment, fiber optic connectors and instruments


CP410 50 single pack presaturated pads


Chempad™ Presaturated Wipe
General purpose, presaturated lint-free cleaning wipe
■ Contains ultra pure blend of 91% IPA/9% deionized water
■ Mild cleaning solution, nonabrasive wipe
■ Quickly removes dust, oils and contaminants


■ Ideal for cleaning computers, office equipment, fiber optic connectors and instruments, and electrical equipment
■ Cleans dirt, oxides and oil from magnetic and optical heads


CP400 50 single pack presaturated wipes

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