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Produits antistatiques

Static Free™ Plast-N-Glas®
Foaming, non-streaking static dissipative cleaner for transparent surfaces
• Controls static, cleans and polishes in one application
• Effectively removes handling oils, finger soils and stains
• Prevents attraction of dust and dirt
• Compatible with plastics, glass and stainless steel
• Foaming spray won’t run or drip; ideal for optical surfaces
• Not for use on anti-glare coatings or mesh screens

• Cleaning computer monitors and housings
• Removing handling soils from precision glassware
• Maintaining cleanliness of observation windows on production equipment
ES1668 14 oz / 397g aerosol


Static Free™ Mat and Benchtop Reconditioner
Cleans and rejuvenates ESD-safe surfaces
• Cleans and rejuvenates burned or dead spots on ESD mats
• Excellent for extending life of ESD mats
• Will not dry mat surfaces with repeated use
• Long-lasting dissipative protection – up to 30 days
• Effective in relative humidity below 15%
• Chloride and amine free formulation
• Noncorrosive
• Meets static decay criteria of MIL-B-891705C
ES1664T 16 fl oz / 472 mL Trigger Spray
SIP125P1664 125 presaturated wipes in pull-up tub


Static Free™ Hand Guard™
Hand lotion formulated to protect against electrostatic discharge
• Special formulation minimizes potential for static damage
• Penetrates deeply to moisten and refresh dry, chapped or chemically irritated skin
• Nongreasy formula contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
• Contains no lanolin, silicone or mineral oil that could inhibit solderability of printed circuits or components
C805 8 fl oz / 236 ml liquid


Screen Prep™ Presaturated Wipe
Convenient cleaning and static control for monitors
• Prevents airborne recontamination for up to 7 days
• Safely removes dust, dirt, oil and nicotine
• Controls static-generated contamination
• Wet pad cleans and applies static protection
• Dry wiper polishes screen optically clear
CSP20 25 twin packs
#1 presaturated pad
#2 polishing wiper

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