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OCETA will move to another location on 3rd September 2018.

Our new facility will be located at :

8 blvd Georges Marie Guynemer
78210 Saint-Cyr l’Ecole

We’ll keep our phone number :

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Introducing the new CV-5200 Connection Validation™ Soldering Station

Metcal is raising the bar with a technology that will change hand soldering forever.
Metcal soldering stations have led the way with SmartHeat® technology for 35 years. SmartHeat senses the thermal load and instantly delivers Power on Demand directly to the joint. The embedded, self-regulating heater delivers the right amount of power based on the requirements of the solder joint. This provides a fast, safe and repeatable process with no calibration required.
Currently, the industry standard relies
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BMP61 Label Printer and Accessories

The BMP®61 Label Printer is the direct replacement to our flagship labeler, the TLS®2200 Thermal Transfer Label Printer. With improved print technology across the board, the BMP61 Label Printer is the ultimate answer to wire, cable and component identification plus more. Shop for the BMP61 printer, labels, ribbons, and accessories by clicking the category you want to browse below.

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The new pneumatic Crimp HX33

The DMC HX33 is a bench top pneumatic crimp machine that is compatible with M22520/5 military and many DMC "Y-die" series crimp dies. The die sets are interchangeable and can be easily installed and removed from the HX33 pneumatic crimp tool.
Utilizing the enclosed foot pedal, the crimping cycle of the HX33 is activated and allows the operator to have both hands free to insert the crimped item and wire. All HX33 crimp tools are equipped with a positive closing mechanism to ensure consistent crimp quality.
The HX33 has an emergency release button that will open the crimping jaws in the event of blocked jaws caused by operation or handling errors or wrongly placed terminals.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to evaluate this new tool !

Lynx EVO is a high productivity stereo microscope without eyepieces, powering your productivity through stunning 3D viewing.

Innovation award winnerThe unique patented eyepiece-less optics of award winning Lynx EVO liberates users from restrictive working practices, opening up a world of enhanced efficiency through unrivalled ease of use and ergonomic performance. It has been honoured with the Microscopy Today Innovation Award 2016.

Providing truly stunning 3D (stereo) imaging, Lynx EVO allows fast and accurate inspection in a wide range of applications.

Down Load the brochure, click here !

A BRADY kit for €900, representing a saving of €182

BMP71 Promo.jpg
This "electrical market" kit has been specially designed:
138523 – BMP71 Electrical Kit EU: €900,00 (instead of €1082,84)

This kit includes:
- BMP71 Printer + LabelMark
- Hard case
- Battery + AC Adaptor
3 types of labels:
- M71-R6000
- M71-31-423
- M71C-2000-595-WT
+ a M71-19-427 (Elec) and a M71-R4300 (Elec )

With the anniversary offer you will benefit from:
16,9% or 16,3% off the kit price
2 extra labels
1 free stripping tool

This kit can be yours now by calling our offices: +33 (0)1 47 01 20 40 ou our South-West agency: +33 (0)5 34 28 14 14

METCAL EXCLUSIVE OFFER, save €211 9/1/2014

images MX500 AV.jpg

Buy this NEW METCAL MX-500AV Soldering / Rework System, to benefit from the 2nd one at half price!

The MX-500AV system offer a MX-500S power supply, a MX-H1-AV hand-piece, soldering and rework and a WS1 auto-sleeper workstand.

This EXCLUSIVE OFFER FROM OCETA ends on 24th December 2014.
Don't wait any longer and contact our sales agents or our agencies.

Opening of Oceta South-West, on the 1st of September 2014

Oceta Sud-Ouest.jpg
As part of our development, we wished to move closer to our South-West customers.

From the 1st of September 2014, we are pleased to announce you the opening of our sales agency named "OCETA South-West", located in the heart of aerospace business, in the Europarc work area, Saint Martin du Touch.

Contact details:
OCETA South-West
1 rue Emmanuel Arin – Bat B4 – Europarc – Saint Martin du Touch – 31300 Toulouse
Phone: +33 (0)5 34 28 14 14 - Fax: +33 (0)5 34 28 14 10 - E-mail:

Our local sales team is now in charge of all your requirements:
 - Technical inquiries & equipment demonstration
 - Sales prices & equipment availability
 - Follow-up of your orders

Based in Saint Martin du Touch, you can contact our team today:
- Isabelle TRAVAILLARD: Sales Assistant (
- Geoffrey PRIM: Technical sales (
- Serge NICOLAS: Technical sales (

You can also keep calling our head office based in Garches:
- Catherine PICARD: Invoices & Payments (
- Pascal MICHEL : After-sales service (Tool Monitoring and Repairs) (

OCETA DISCOUNT, save €81 – This offer is extended until the end of December 6/25/2014


Save €81 by purchasing the OPTIKA kit for a promotional pre-tax price of €743. The kit includes the SZM-B binoculars: Stereomicroscope binocular zoom head 7x…45x, with a 0,75x lens and a LED illumination.

This exclusive Oceta offer is valid until the end of December 2014.

These binoculars are specially designed for industry. Please, feel free to contact us if you want a demonstration.

Lockout can save lives

Consignation appli.jpg

BRADY solution to control your dangerous energies UTE C18-510 (electrical applications):

Lockout of apparatus for service and maintenance to lockout equipment is to carry out the necessary procedures to ensure that the equipment is placed and maintained in a safe position; to prevent its activation and label that the isolated equipment must not be operated.
The employer must ensure that all safety procedures are strictly implemented and regularly reviewed by appropriate means.

Employees must use all necessary tools to carry out maintenance.

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EN ISO 7010 Safety signs and symbols


Brady always provides you with the latest safety sign to ensure that you comply with regulation. The EN ISO 7010:2012 safety signs are available in different materials to be used as long as possible in varied industrial environments.

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Get your message noticed


The BBP TM 85 Sign and Label Printer is thermal transfer 300dpi benchtop printer to create larged-framed, multi-coloured custom visuals up to 254 mm wide. It features a large touchscreen and intuitive, easy to use interface, allowing anyone to create signs quickly and easily. The printer has a broad selection of material options, including vinyl, polyester, reflective, glow-in-the-dark and pre-printed sign headers.

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Pipe marking

Marquage de tuyauteries.jpg

You wish to identify precisely pipe content and flow direction at the point of need of your factory?

BRADY provides you with more than 500 standard texts in different sizes and shapes. The standard range is composed of the name of the substances the most used. If, among all our products, you can’t find what you are looking for, BRADY can generate the sign you need on demand. Pipe markers are made up of PVF over-laminated polyester, ensuring a durable holding and can be read from around 5 to 8 years.

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No limit to your labels

globalmark multicouleur photo(001).jpg

Globalmark from BRADY is based on a main principle: working in total autonomy. An essential strength which provides a wide range of use. Indeed, you can use it in many ways: customized labels, quick text, pipe marking, safety and first aid signs, restricted areas and logistic labels, informative and directional markings. Moreover, thanks to its own keyboard, mouse and USB connection, Globalmark is in total harmony with the most cutting-edge technologies.

This flexibility of use is optimized thanks to the MS ActiveSync* program which enables you to download graphics, logos, photo from your computer and to print them directly on Globarmark.
Using Globamark it is also using a wide range of stickers adapted to fit many markets and varied uses that meet the most rigorous demands.

(MS ActiveSync is a registered trademark by Microsoft Corp-USA).

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Wherever and whenever you want


Suitable for all production environments, CamZ provides high resolution magnification (up to 14x) and documentation, wherever you want, whenever you want, ideal for inspecting immobile subjects. Ergonomically positioned buttons, capture image, Magnification, illumination.
Stability arm, dual LED illumination, optimized for magnified image capture.

With a colored and high resolution display, by just pushing a button and thanks to the image capture and download quality, Cam Z is great for itinerant professionals, documentations defaults or even inspection of immobile subjects.

Click here to download the CAM Z documentation

A digital and programmable crimping tool

Crimp Trax.png

Once again, DMC innovates by introducing a new generation of crimping tools called “CRIMP TRAX”. These tools count the crimping cycles and digitally memorize them. When it’s time for calibration, managing a huge amount of crimping tools can be very difficult.

The CRIMP TRAX concept avoids sending tools that would be calibrated without a good reason. CRIMP TRAX Tool is a digital and programmable crimping tool.

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Stripping safety

The new BDT3A wire stripper and the PC3NC crimping tool of FTM bring more advantages than the old thermal wire strippers. Indeed, now you don’t need to put the thermal stripper back into its base to stop the heating.
Thus, the power source can be put on a shelf and not on the work surface already cluttered with tools and accessories.

Enjoy this new product that have already seduced many users in aeronautic and in the industry in general.

The way we always should take to create labels


With its unique printer, BRADY succeeds in gathering together the required features to create at the same time signs and labels up to a 101.6 mm wide. Smart Cell technology automatically configures the label in your BRADY software, removing the manual calibration and label wastes.

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DMC innovates with its new metered hand crimping tools.


Introducing the AF8-CC and AFM8-CC, the latest generation of the crimping tools most widely used in the aeronautical and railway industries. Fitted with crimp counters, these DMC tools allow you to manage your tooling pool with precision. The pneumatic versions, WA22 and WA27, are also earmarked to be fitted with counters. Feel free to contact us for prices and delivery dates for these new tools.

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The MAKROLITE, Inspection and Video measurement in full HD


VISION ENGINEERING developped The Makrolite, a new digital inspection and measurement system which is highly versatile. The HD camera provides clarity combined with a 20:1 optical zoom, allowing it to reach a maximum magnification of x150.
This affordable system allows for inspection of simple and precision parts of all sizes due to it’s large field of view. This means you can see objects that normally you wouldn’t be able to at an increased magnification.
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New BRADY printer: BMP51/53


The BMP51/53 label maker is a portable, compact and multi-purpose printer fitted with Bluetooth® technology for wireless printing. The BMP51/53 is available from OCETA.
When used in conjunction with the free Brady Mobile App, you can design and print labels with this printer using your Android phone!

This label maker has a 300 dpi print head and can print professional, durable labels up to 38.10 mm wide (QWERTY keyboard optional). It prints on continuous and die-cut materials at a speed of 25.40 mm per second. With a built-in cutter, easy top-loading cartridges and three different options for battery power, the BMP51 Label Maker is a powerful printer for on-the-job label making. You can easily connect it to a PC for advanced label design with LabelMark™ Label Design Software.
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Pneumatic stripper for coaxial cables: 45-552.

IDEAL INDUSTRIES has launched a veritable production machine for stripping all types of coaxial cable. This precision machine is programmable for a wide variety of coaxial cables. Strip lengths are adjustable.

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The new WX2 welding station from WELLER.

WX mit WX Kolben.jpg

Inspired by the best ideas of their customers, WELLER’s new family of WX2 soldering stations include an anti-static touch screen, an intuitive interface, an intelligent energy-saving mode and a menu display in numerous languages. The front face is fitted with a USB port and connectors for WX tools.

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DMC launches the GMT232 crimping tool, spec M22520/37-01

GMT232 01.jpg

With the launch of the GMT232, DMC completes its range of crimping tools designed to terminate splices for the following wire sizes: 12, 16 and 20. This crimping tool is totally compatible with tools AD1377 and AD1377S.

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